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Overtime should count in holiday pay

Workers have won a groundbreaking case at the Employment Appeal Tribunal to include overtime in holiday pay.

This means all people working voluntary overtime could claim for additional holiday pay. Currently, only basic pay counts when calculating holiday pay.

The… Continue reading

Minimum wage rates from 1st October 2014

Minimum wage rates increase from 1st October 2014

The National Minimum Wages rate (per hour) depends upon the individual’s age and whether they are an apprentice. To obtain the National Minimum wage individuals must also be at least of school… Continue reading

Migrant workers to lose tax allowance

George Osborne is readying plans that will see up to a quarter of a million European migrants pay tax in Britain for the first time.Temporary workers from the European Union will lose the right to use the £10,000 tax-free personal… Continue reading

Top rate to apply to one-in-three

Top rate to apply to one-in-three

An analysis by the OBR suggests more than 10m people will be higher rate taxpayers within two decades as the 40p band becomes the “norm” for millions of the middle class. Teachers and senior… Continue reading